Tooth Bridges and Crowns

Tooth BridgesTooth bridges and dental crowns in Puerto Vallarta.

Tooth bridges and dental crowns are prosthesis placed permanently over your tooth or teeth, giving strength and form. Currently there are different materials to fabricate them such as porcelain or metal, gold porcelain, free of metal, gold and zirconium.

All of them are made with high quality materials; our laboratories are local and therefore we can offer shorter delivery times.


METAL /PORCELAN $5,500 MXN / 366 USD / 458 CAD

ZIRCONIUM $ 6,500 MXN / 433 USD / 540 CAD

*Guaranteed for 1 year

3-Unit Bridge
Standard bridge
metal porcelain *
$13,500 pesos

*Guaranteed for 1 year


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