Services Dentalestetic  

Dental care services —including all general dentistry, specialty, and advanced dental services—for children and adults who come to us from all walks of life and throughout the state and region.

All on Four  in Puerto Vallarta.

The surgery takes 2 or 3 hrs per arch under sedation (sleep dentistry) and you will get a fixed set of teeth in one day.

Replace missing teeth and dentures in just one appointment!

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Dental ImplantsDental Implants in Puerto Vallarta.

Dental implants is  the permanent placement of titanium screws on the bone over the toothless area. Only 1% of patients reject the implant. Currently, it’s the best procedure for replacing dental parts without needing to erode neighboring teeth.

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Root CanalsProfessional Root Canals treatment in Puerto Vallarta.

Root canals is a endodontic treatment, consist  with the extirpation of the dental nerve; disinfection and occlusion of the canal. This treatment is indicated when there is dental pain, stabs of pain, sensitivity to cold of hot food or drinks…

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Tooth BridgesTooth bridges and dental crowns in Puerto Vallarta.

Tooth bridges and dental crowns are prosthesis placed permanently over your tooth or teeth, giving strength and form. Currently there are different materials to fabricate them such as porcelain or metal, gold porcelain, free of metal…

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Teeth CleaningProfessional Teeth Cleaning in Puerto Vallarta.

In Dentalestetic the teeth cleaning or periodontal care is our utmost priority. We believe that a healthy gums and bones is the strongest foundation for a beautiful smile. Therefore, We customize cleanings to properly care…

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Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening treatment

Professional teeth whitening  in Puerto Vallarta.
It is a revolutionary aesthetic dental treatment that manages to reduce several tones of the original teeth color, leaving them brilliant and whiter.

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